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Birthdate:Jul 29

down to the gutter
up to the glitter
into the city, where the truth lies

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'that's so classic her', 1871 to 1914, ab fab, abortions, angevin revisionism, anything black, anything bombastic, anything mod, ap style, beating eggs quickly, berlin, bettas, bike lanes on southport, blood, bored-with-life bilbo, boxing day, boys, brilliant blue electric typewriters, britpop, car trips on i-80, certainly not gadget blogs, cher, chicago, cleaning my room, clive/maurice or maurice/clive, clone high, combat boots, compound modifiers, constant comment, copy editing, courtney love, crazy paper products, crying all over overseas, currywurst, cute baby kitty cats, david x. cohen, dim sum, dinosaurs, dresden dolls, driving on the left, edinburgh, eight-block miles, elevated trains (versus subways), england, eton mess, evil gay footmen, f club, fecundity, filling out applications, florence fabricant, florent (rip), fluevogs, foie gras, francis parker, french and saunders, furniture stores, futurama, garbage, general genderfuck shit w/e, green wing, gross anatomy dissection, hating hating hating, hebrew, hedwig, historiography, hoisery, hole, hosiery, icelandic sagas, ignition (remix) on repeat, insertion, invitation-making, jack laurent zimmermann, jack spicer, jesse's farm, kill hannah, killing my darlings, lake michigan, lake shore drive, lannistercest, late period round-topped stelae, late-period round-topped stelae, lawrence arms, lizards and fish, lps and eps, making huge huge plans, matt&trey, monarchy, monsters of the midway, mythology, norse gods and giants, not slashing sherlock holmes, notable earrings, over- and under-emoting, overemoting, paper cement, pink-haired girl dolls, progressivism, robbie williams, scotch eggs, shirley manson, simpsons dvd commentary, simulacra of femininity, skirts, smashing pumpkins, snubby the iguana, sobbing along to ballads, songs about 'the city', stan/kyle shipping (+100), star trek/wars, stats, sticky toffee pudding, streets on a grid, sweeping operatic refrains, tea and sympathy, the 1985 bears, the guardian/observer, the parker weekly, the star trek wars, the star wars trek, the west village, tolkien, uaa schools apparently!, underemoting, vampires (as a concept), welsh rarebit, when will omgcp update????
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